Valukumpu Oy on Pohjois-Euroopan johtava liitinvalmistaja.

Käytettävissä oleviin liitinluokkiin kuuluvat:

DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2 (2.54 mm grid)

 • Including B, C, D, M, Q and R -types. 2 or 3 contact rows. Some are also available with half, third and quarter body length.

• Supplementary products, including e.g. locking frames and plastic cable hoods. 

Supplementary products for DIN 41612 ( IEC 603 ) connectors


IEC 61076-4-101 (2.0 mm grid)

• 7 rows (5+2) Perform connector family includes A22, B11, B19, B22, B25, AB25 and C11 module lengths.

• Supplementary products, including e.g. coding keys, shields and shrouds.

IEC 61076-4-104 (2.0 mm grid)

• 5 and 4 rows Permet connector family includes 1, 2 or 4 modules. Width of a module is 12 mm.

Jumpers 2,54mm

Board-to-board connectors (2.0 mm grid). 

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Elgood (Suomessa)

Cambridge Connectors (UK, USA)

Encitech Connectors AB (Ruotsi)

YE International Russia (Venäjä)