Valukumpu Oy is leading PCB connector manufacturer in Northern Europe. We manufacture both standard connectors and connectors to customer specific requirements.

Most of the connectors are manufactured according to IEC standards, but many tailored versions have been designed to fulfil each customer’s requirements. We have all processes available to manufacture connectors – from the design phase to the fully automated assembly process. Quality control by testing machines at automated assembly lines guarantees high quality with competitive pricing.

Available connector categories include:

DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2 (2.54 mm grid)

 • Including B, C, D, M, Q and R -types. 2 or 3 contact rows. Some are also available with half, third and quarter body length.

• Supplementary products, including e.g. locking frames and plastic cable hoods. 

Supplementary products for DIN 41612 ( IEC 603 ) connectors


IEC 61076-4-101 (2.0 mm grid)

• 7 rows (5+2) Perform connector family includes A22, B11, B19, B22, B25, AB25 and C11 module lengths.

• Supplementary products, including e.g. coding keys, shields and shrouds.

IEC 61076-4-104 (2.0 mm grid)

• 5 and 4 rows Permet connector family includes 1, 2 or 4 modules. Width of a module is 12 mm.

Jumpers 2,54mm

Board-to-board connectors (2.0 mm grid). 

Contact our sales staff for more information about different pin
layouts, soldering methods, packaging etc.



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